Why Choose Ecologiks?

Deforestation, excessive use of plastic, over-packaged products...
The degradation of the environment is frightening!

With a goal of zero-waste life and to fight in our own way against global warming and deforestation we asked ourselves what could be the substitute materials for plastic that would be more respectful to the environment.
It was then that we discovered a magic plant: the bamboo
For us, it represents the perfect alternative to plastic. First of all, because it is not a tree but a very fast growing plant (Up to 30 to 50 cm per day!) and it's very invasive.

Then, for its high absorption capacity: It absorbs 30% more CO2 compared to other trees.
And finally, because it is a very versatile material and resistant to domestic uses.
It is therefore the ideal material for everyday objects such as bamboo toothbrushes, recyclable cotton swabs, reusable straws etc.
It is also suitable for creating objects and clothes by transforming it into bamboo fiber, a solid quality material!
For a future made from 100% natural, recyclable and ecological materials, let's turn to a new way of life: Zero-waste objective!
This is why we decided to create Ecologiks, your 100% eco-friendly online store!